We have created registration forms for departure from the Latvian tournament.
Transport requests can only be made in this form.

This was necessary both to ensure that all data is correct and safe (it does not get lost in spam filters, there is no error when copying from e-mail to a document, etc.), as well as to save the time of players, coaches and tournament organizers.

<<< See e-form “Departure from Yonex Latvia International 2022”

<<< See list of Departurel of participants of Yonex Latvia International

This list contains arrival time information for participants who completed the e-form.
If you cannot recognize your flight information in the list, it means that your e-form and arrival time information has not been received.

<<< See shedule of airport shuttlebus of September 3.

Transport in Jelgava during the tournament

During the tournament, public transport of Jelgava city will be provided to all players, coaches, umpire and line-judges, presenting a tournament ID card.
Jelgava bus route shedure is integrated with – easily plan daily trip from the hotel to the Sport hall.
There are hotels in Jelgava bus area: “Jelgava”, “Zemgale”, “Sili”, “Akva”, “Ozolnieki sports school”.

Public transport from the Airport Rīga to Jelgava

A 22nd bus runs from the airport Riga to Riga centre. When you buy a ticket at an airport kiosk or an e-ticket at a bus stop, the price is only 1.15 euro. When buying a bus ticket from the driver, the price is €2.

From Riga to Jelgava, there is regular train traffic. The destination is the “Jelgava” station, located 600 meters from Jelgava Sport Hall

>>> See bus list from Riga to Jelgava

Tournament official car – Renault