Training courts in the main sports hall:

Wednesday before the tournament, from 16:00 players will have opportunity to train in the main hall. Three out of 6 courts can be reserved by national federations that have paid the tournament entrance fee, while three courts will be freely available without registration from 18:00.
On the day of the competition, the matches will start at 9:30, but from 8:00 all courts will be open for practice (no reservations).
Like previous two years, during the tournament there will be a separate warm-up court “Lavazza Lounge”, which will act as part of the Meeting point before going to the playing court.

31/08 Mykolaiv (1) Kharkiv (2) Kiev (3)
16:00 Available Available Available
16:30 Available Available Available
17:00 Available Available Available
17:30 Tallinn Portugal Available
18:00 Tallinn Portugal Available
18:30 Lithuania Taiwan Malaysia
19:00 Lithuania Taiwan Malaysia
19:30 Poland Poland Singapore
20:00 Poland Poland Singapore
20:30 Poland Poland Singapore
21:00 England Italy Edijs LAT
21:00 England Italy Edijs LAT

Practice courts not in Zemgale Olympic Centre

We have created a special practice hall located in another hall, Ozolnieki, Stadiona Street 5. There will be 4 courts with wooden flooring.
The length of the training is unlimited.

The fee for one player (not coaches) is €5.
It is a municipal sports organization, such a fee is the same both for the participants of the tournament and for every local resident.

It can be paid in the training hall on the spot, paying in cash or by card. The payment can also be made by bank transfer together with the tournament entry fee, by prior arrangement.

The training hall will also host the Challenge Cup, where players who lost games on Thursday and Friday will be able to take part. A doubles tournament in “Playminton” format will also be held in this hall.
>>> See info about practice hall in Ozolnieki